The shopping spree…

While I want to look good RIGHT NOW, I don’t really want to STAY at this size and want to work my way back down into my size 6 clothes so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on my effort to look good RIGHT NOW. Now, my budget isn’t your budget and so if what I spent is crazy to you, you’ll have to get more creative or buy less pieces.

I went on a shopping spree over the past week and a half. I shopped almost exclusively at resale shops- Clothes Mentor is now my favorite due to their awesome prices and HUGE selection. I spent just under $180 on the following items:

  • Grey lined slacks Ann Taylor
  • Beige slacks Banana Republic
  • black pinstriped pants
  • Black Ann Taylor lined pants (might need to have these hemmed)
  • Brown, more casual skirt Eddie Bauer
  • Dark houndstooth pencil skirt
  • Taupe blazer
  • Black Ann Taylor blazer
  • White lightweight, long sleeve top Ann Taylor Loft
  • Ivory White lightweight, long sleeve top Coldwater Creek
  • Striped sweater (looks great but probably won’t get worn till cooler weather)
  • White button up shirt
  • Two black tees (Ann Taylor Loft)
  • Two casual tees
  • Palest pink tee with large black polka-dots
  • metallic loafers

 I think I’m pretty well rounded out on my clothes now- I could see a few more tops in some accent colors- but I’ll stay with what I’ve got for now. I do need some jewelry. I’m a very simple gal when it comes to jewelry- same earrings, necklace and bracelet pretty  much every day. But I envy those ladies who rock their looks with accent pieces etc. With great options for buying inexpensive jewelry out there I can see spending another $20-30 on a few more necklaces, earrings and maybe even bracelets.

Just to reassure you- I am not a clothes horse. I don’t go out and buy a lot of clothes typically. I also believe in mostly buying quality, classic pieces- with a few fun, cheap, fashionable items thrown in to ‘freshen’ up the look.

 Some style rules I try to stick to:

1)      Buy mostly v-necks and lower neckline tops- I’ve got a great rack so I want to give it a little attention + high necked items can make me look even bustier by creating a ski slope from neck to boob

2)      Wear mostly boot-cut, lower-waist bottoms (the tummy tuck did away with my issues with muffin top)

3)      Classic elements with 1 accent item

4)      Buy mostly neutral colors- you will see lots of greys, blacks, tans, and white/cream in my wardrobe. I have to remind myself to buy color- my favorite colors to wear are turquoises and corals. You will find no yellow, green, or purple in my closet.

 Some things I’m trying to get myself to do

1)      Wear more jewelry, it really does pull a look together/get it some oomph

2)      Wear a belt; it really finishes a look as well and now I have a belt that fits my bigger waist (both good and bad)


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