7/30/13 and fashion musings

7/30/13 and fashion musings

Outfit for the day. One of my existing dresses. Paired it with a coral necklace. It would have looked better with heels, but I had to go somewhere new after work and I wasn’t sure how much walking would be involved. I also used a matching coral ombre wrap in case I got cold.

General fashion musings
I know I said I don’t read fashion magazines (and I really don’t) but someone left an In Style on the counter at my office so I leafed through it. What caught my eye was ‘the BEST for less’ article- 10 style musts you can totally skimp on.

So I checked it out. Like every article in a fashion magazine, the suggestions are hit and miss for me.
Statement jewelry (although the $290 ugly option they showed is not skimping in 99% of our books- tons of cheap jewelry places are out there nowadays)
Graphic art Tee I don’t know about graphic art, but an eye-catching tee under a blazer or cardigan is a definite yet (once again- $225 for a Tee, where’s Macklemore to comment on that price?)
Leopard heels- I’ll change that to ‘shoes’ as mine are flats, but I LOVE them; a nice accent with jeans or a simple black/white look
Bold blazer- this is more of an in right now piece and if you can snag one cheap, go for it- but it whiffs of 80s to me
Touch of leather- does ANYONE feel they can wear a tank that has an all leather front in the summer?! Maybe if you live in Maine or San Francisco? I put this in the maybe column because I did see some cute tees that have some leather trim around the neckline and arms that I contemplated before deciding they weren’t 1) eye-catching enough to be an eye-catching tee (see above) and 2) I had enough simple plain tees and my budget didn’t need to afford another one
MotoRevver- it’s a cute motorcycle-style jacket, but again, who wears a jacket in the summer? I did see a white faux-leather version that I thought would be cute in a different color at Forever21 last week (for like $35- much better than the $295 InStyle version)
Sunglasses- we all have them, but we can only wear them outside (unless you’re a douche) so that doesn’t make it to my style list
Bright bag- I rarely change my purse, but it is cute to treat is as an accessory- same thought as glasses though, you aren’t carrying your purse around all day (most of the time)
Printed jeans- total flash in pan, will be out of style the next time you turn around
Luxe sneakers- snooze. I’d rather have a cute pair of flats that are versatile than spend money on some high-tops


3 thoughts on “7/30/13 and fashion musings

  1. Bright purse: I fell in love with a hot pink leather bag at J. Crew last fall. It was $150.00…no thanks! But it kept getting cheaper and I snapped it up for $60.00. I love it so much, I want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant! But you know me, lover of pink, so it’s a no-brainer to carry a hot pink purse regardless of the season :).

    • I bought a summer orange purse for $24 so I do know the urge- but it’s not work wardobe best for me- with your love of pink, you are right, it probably goes with a lot of your clothes and is versatile for you. Of course my $24 orange purse broke in 2months. So I sprang for a gorgeous leather one in taupe, black and brown that at $70 will work great for work and should last a long time- just not so much with a sundress.

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