Weightloss and Fitness

So far this has been a fashion-centric blog, but as I mentioned before, I am also endeavoring to make it back into my size 6 wardrobe that is waiting for me in my closet.

What am I doing to make this more that wishful thinking?

1) Tracking my food intake every day using http://www.myfitnesspal.com- awesome free program. I have altered their goals and such for me to follow the ‘in place of a road map’ program that advocates eating higher calories if you are physically active
a. Emphasis on less processed foods and smarter food choices; includes things like making my own ice cream (at least it’s only got ingredients I can pronounce) and healthier cookies as well as prepping grilled chicken and keeping salad fixings on hand so I am not drawn to the easy solutions like frozen foods
2) Exercising: working with a personal trainer 3x a week and running an additional 7-9 miles on my own
3) Weighing in each Thursday + checking measurements 1x per month


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