More fashion musings…

No pictures from me today as I’m still in my jammies. 😉

I’ve been browsing around the web for similar blogs/websites and so forth and I was surprised to so far not really find any. I found some that were nice, interesting, occasionally relevant, but nothing that fit the niche I’m posting on.

Real fashion for real women
Who work in a professional environment
Who aren’t in their twenties
Who have a real sized body
Who don’t want to buy into every passing fad, but want to stay classic and still look up-to-date


I found one site with “10 must haves for fall” that I perused…

A few items I have seen mentioned in several different locations so I’m thinking these might be something to consider adding to the closet-

1) a classic, structured bag (in neutral or with a pop of color)
2) a moto jacket (I saw a white faux-leather one for $32 a F21 the other day- I bet there will be more fall-appropriate colors soon)
3) plaid- maybe a cute skirt and pair it with a neutral top. Totally classic.

A few things that are possibilities-

1) a luxe sweatshirt (while the $90 JCrew version isn’t something I’d spend- but I bet there will be cheaper versions later)
2) a blazer/jacket with shine- this could be cute and might transition into the holiday season as well
3) embellished tops- same comment as above plus it won’t need a necklace because the embellishment takes the place of it

A few things I had to snort at however…

1) faux fur… at least the jacket they showed reminded me way to much of hooker-wear
2) over the knee boots… continuing with the hooker theme I see…
3) tweed shorts… sure if you are 20 and have mile-long legs to clad in tights to go with, otherwise skip this look too

Crap- realizes I was missing the 10th! It was Blue Nailpolish. Apparently Pantone Color has said “Mykonos Blue” is going to be a strong fall color- it’s a steely blue color and it’s lovely. They show it in an OPI nail polish which might or might not be where you want to use it. I’ve found certain blue/purple/green/grey colors on nails remind me too much of a ‘zombie nail’ look… but it might look lovely on your skin tone.

Oh- if you know of any websites/pinterest accounts/blogs I should check out, let me know!


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