8/14/13 Let there be bright…


Okay, this shirt isn’t that bright, but the lighting doesn’t agree. It’s really a more pink than melon color, but no where near fluorescent. Pinky swear.

This is the same outfit as I wore last Wednesday, only with a different color shirt. Heck, a COLORED shirt. Looking over my posts, I’ve worn a blue shirt and now this shirt. Beyond that it’s pretty much neutral city. Not that that is a bad thing.

I’ve had this shirt in my closet since last year- Costco for like $14. I have a cornflower blue one as well. The dumb thing is I was afraid to try it on- for fear it would be too small- so I just haven’t worn it in a few months when it fits perfectly fine. I can be such a coward sometimes- afraid to try on a piece of clothing for fear of confirmation of what I already know- I’VE PUT ON WEIGHT. Blech.

On the bright side, I’m doing the right things to STOP putting on weight and START losing it. Eating right, exercising and so forth. The scale WILL start heading the other way- I will be patient.


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