Is ice cream bad for you if it’s clean?

We here a lot about eating ‘clean’ nowadays. While I think it’s overhyped or over-demanded in many cases, the idea of not eating lots of processed foods, certainly isn’t a bad one. Not to mention it can be cheaper, too.

As I work at losing the extra weight I’m not happy about carrying around, one of my rationalizations to myself is that if I’m going to eat something stereo-typically ‘bad’ I can at least make it as good for me as possible. So I’ve been making homemade ice cream. Last night I made two kinds- one, a true ice cream and one was called 5min ice cream from instructables that has lots of debate on ‘is it ice cream or not’.

Verdict. Don’t care, it’s tasty.

The 5min ice cream (link below) requires a food processor. My recipe was: a 16oz bag of frozen strawberry, 1c of whole milk, 1/2c sugar and 1tsp of vanilla. Throw all that in a food processor, let it spin for 3-5min and voila, a soft serve fruit ice cream. It made 5-6 Andrea-sized servings with less than 3 grams of fat per serving and not a lot of sugar. Word to the wise- chopped strawberries would be better than whole. My cuisinart was rather violent in the first 30sec and required a towel over the top as some of the liquid escaped from the firmly fastened lid.

The second was pumpkin ice cream. Maybe this one wasn’t as ‘clean’ as I used sweetened condensed milk. The pinterest version calls itself paleo because it used coconut milk instead of cow milk. I gotta roll my eyes at that one- dudes, no caveman was running around eating ice cream. You’re blowing smoke up your ass if you believe ice cream ANYTHING is paleo. Okay. Rant over. Sorry. My version of the recipe was ½ can of sweetened, condensed fat-free milk, 2c of whole milk, 1 cup of canned pure pumpkin and 1tsp of pumpkin pie spice. Mix well, pour into ice cream maker and 40min later you have pumpkin soft serve. So, it’s still pretty healthy- maybe a few more grams of sugar but definitely better for you than most ice cream at the store. And I liked it better too. Pumpkin ice cream from the store tastes ‘fake’ to me- this didn’t.

Weird contradition that is Andrea: I don’t like pumpkin pie. (result of a food-poisoning incident as a child) But I love pumpkin everything else.


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