Wednesday thoughts

photo 1
This is turning into a favorite outfit, but today I wore pants instead of jeans. I really wanted something ‘more’ as a necklace- this one isn’t quite the ‘pop’ of attention I feel is needed for the outfit, but it was the best that my limited jewelry collection offers. These were both something I’d consider- or another chunky necklace with more black/sparkly beads.
photo 4
photo 3

I keep looking for similar blogs. I keep finding blogs where people repost stuff they see in magazines and outfits they (or others) have assembled on polyvore. I find blogs where the women hosting them are slender and pretty and young and how they take such nice pictures daily is a mystery. I found a blog where the lady was average size (meaning a 14, yup, that’s average nowadays) and while I was excited by that, I noticed in her pictures a number of them were slightly elongated to make her look more slender.

I’m going to keep looking. I guess that’s why I was a fan of “What Not to Wear” for so long. They took real women- who for the most part weren’t a perfect shape or super pretty etc and helped them look their best. And that’s what I want on this blog. I want to show real women, wearing nice clothes, and looking good on a daily basis. The daily part is the real challenge- it’s the rare person who can’t clean up good on special occasions, but to look good day-in/day-out is quite a feat. Not that I’ll always succeed in that endeavor either- and I’m sure an outfit I thought was good turns out not-so-good or there’s a day where I just feel like wearing jeans and a polo because I can’t muster the energy to do more.

However, having just written that, it is one of my goals to have a number of outfits that are comfortable and fashionable and as easy as jeans and a polo so I don’t have that excuse of “I just didn’t feel like putting an outfit together” because I will know that these jeans, this shirt, and that necklace make a nice look with minimal work.


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