Homemade Nutella

That’s right. I’ve had the recipe pinned for a while- but then deciding I didn’t want to add 12oz of chocolate chips. I googled some more till I found the recipe I used.

This is thicker and has a bit of a bite at the end but kids + husband give it a thumbs up.

Here it is:
1cup hazelnuts
1/2c powdered sugar
2.5Tbs cocoa powder
1tbs coconut oil
1/2tsp vanilla
Dash of salt

Toast hazelnuts for 8-10min at 375 till fragrant; let cool and then remove as much skins as possible by rubbing a bunch of nuts together in between your hands
Blend nuts in a food processor for 4-5min till you have nut butter.
Add rest of ingredients till it forms either a paste or a ball (mine balled up- see picture).
Taste and add more sugar, oil as necessary.
Makes about 8oz Nutella.

150calories; 10g fat; 2g fiber; 13g carbs; 3g protein



2 thoughts on “Homemade Nutella

    • It’s an hour from start to finish max- definitely worth a try; can also substitute a different type of oil like canola (recipe called for hazelnut oil- not a common ingredient) but coconut with its slight sweetness seemed an easy answer

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