Bad fashion and Miley at the VMAs

So I saw this bad fashion the other day and I snapped a picture. It’s not ‘people of Walmart’ bad, but I had to wonder if the lady had looked in the mirror before she chose this pair of shorts… jeans… bottoms. Or heck, before she took a pair of scissors to those jeans in this manner. I understand the ‘it’s my body and I don’t care what you think’ attitude… but she is an attractive lady. Why wear something that is so unflattering? I mean even if she wanted to show off her “assets” in this manner, she’s also flashing a lot of imperfections at the same time.

Maybe she was just off to the beach, grabbed something easy and didn’t care (or think) what it looked like. Do you think she would care if she saw this picture?

This blog is trying to help myself (and maybe others) to make wise fashion choices before we even start rooting around in the closet- in other words, making sure what’s in our closets and drawers in the first place should be there because it looks good and flatters us, plays up our assets and minimizes our flaws.

Now… onto Miley. Man, the internet was in a tizzy this morning, right?! I didn’t watch the VMAs… not sure if I have since the mid-80s… but I got an eyeful anyways. I thought her song on the radio was decent. Blurred Lines is catchy- even if I can’t get over the fact that Robin Thicke is ALAN THICKE’s kid. But Miley… wow girl- ya got some brass ones.
So while of course, I thought the whole thing was pretty tacky and demeaning, was it really any worse than Madonna in the 80s or Brittany in the 90s? The news was in a tizzy back then too.
britney spears
I will say that both Madonnas and Brittanys outfits was ‘prettier’ and flattered them more- way to play up those boobs, Madonna! way to play up that tight body, Brittany! Way to play up that, uh, tongue, Miley… I think it boils down to a matter of style. There was not a single stylish, flattering thing about Miley’s performance. Not her costumes, her hairstyle, her moves, the weird bears… Anyway. Shocking? sorta. Inappropriate? well, it is the VMAs. Bad taste. Yes. Stylish. Not in the least.


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