Thursday- fashion repeat

So I ponder what to do with the blog when I repeat the same outfit. I’ve seen a few blogs where the person has a different outfit for weeks in a row. I am either not that creative or don’t have that big of a wardobe. Plus I have favorite looks I turn to. After looking back at the last time I wore this top, I realize I wore a different pair black crops so here’s todays version with a pair of flowy black pants (slightly cropped) instead.

This is a very unusual top for me- colorful, unusual shape, atypical neckline but it ‘spoke’ to me and I just had to have it. I frequently get compliments when I wear it just because it stands out from my wardobe of neutrals.

Since the top is eyecatching enough, I pair it with a simple necklace.
130829 necklace
Now that I have a month of bloggin pretty much under my belt, it’s interesting to see how frequently I wear the same outfits. I wore this outfit two times this month. And I wore no outfit more than three times this month, that winning outfit was this one:
It works because I can pair the jacket/tee with pants or jeans, take off the jacket if I’m outside/it get hot, it’s versatile and it has a polished look without being stuffy. I paired it with a few different necklaces as well.


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