About me…

Hi there!

I’m Andrea. Let me be open and honest here- I am not a fashion maven/fashionista/style guru. I don’t have a degree in fashion. I don’t even read fashion magazines or watch fashion tv shows (much).

What I do have is the desire to look good at work and the internet at my fingers to help me. So here’s my plan. I’m going to find great looks on the internet and do my best to recreate that look on my real body with my real budget in my real world (vs. the fake world of Pinterest or Polyvore, God love them). Along the way, I’ll also talk about all sorts of other things that have minor or major impacts on my pursuit of looking good. Things like being a full-time worker, a wife, a mom, being 25lbs over my goal weight and my dedicated pursuit of losing that extra weight through healthy eating/ exercise and any other topic that grabs my fancy.

So let’s talk my reality.

I am 42 years old. I am a size 10-12 currently. I am big busted. I am 5’5 if I REALLY stand up straight. I have very short hair that I love because it’s easy. I live in South Texas so you won’t be seeing a lot of heavy winter clothes here- and summer is hot so I don’t own a single pair of panty hose. I’ll put self-tanner on my legs if I plan to show more of them than say calf-down. I work in the construction industry and while I’m not in the field that much, I wear a hard hat at least 1-2x a week. As such there are certain pieces I just won’t wear to work. No stiletto/spikey heels for me. I only have one pair of shoes that have a peep-toe (personally, I just don’t think you should show your toes at the office, no matter how nice your pedicure) . If I wear something that is sleeveless it will always be with a jacket or a cardigan. My hair is always simple- hard hats are hell on anything fancy.

Other things that I think are important. I have struggled with my weight since being a teen. I lost 60lbs with Weight Watchers back in 2003 and kept it off pretty well till about 2010. Since then my weight has yo-yo’d about 20lbs and I want to stop that. Back in 2007 I got a lower body lift (like a tummy tuck, but all the way around) because I had a TON of loose, crepe-paper skin left over from getting pregnant while 190lbs. After the lift, my hour glass shape changed- my 10” difference between waist and hips was more like 6-7”. I needed to define my waist- although I think my pants fit better (not as much of a gap at the back).

So what has brought me to deciding to start this blog? I’m heavier than I want to be or am happy with. I had been ‘making due’ with my wardrobe which had pushed me toward having a work wardrobe that consisted of 1 pair of pants, 1-2 pair of jeans, 3 pair of nice elastic-waist bottoms (like capris and such), several dresses and skirts and mostly soft tops. Having always taken pride in my appearance since my weight loss and seeing all these nice clothes that I couldn’t wear bummed me out.

However, I decided that I could still look nice even if my body doesn’t exactly look like I want it to. I set about scouring Pinterest and the web in general for looks I liked and felt were practical for my work. I also felt that the folks I saw doing these kind of real world/real fashion blogs were more or less blessed in the body department. I’m sure they’d disagree- but I saw mostly slender to downright thin gals that were young writing these blogs wearing things that I know I wouldn’t and most women over 30 wouldn’t wear either.

Oh- if you want to follow me on Pinterest, my user name is AEGault. My board is “Work Style”- but you’ll see some other fashion in “I Will Have It” page


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