Yup, you’ve got it…

Plantar Faciitis that is…

The doc approved that I had bought insoles and the Danskos shoes and now I have a pain med and a lovely ‘splint/boot’ to wear to bed at night to help with it.

I haven’t been running as much because of it so hopefully taking these steps plus continuing to lose weight will get me all better.



Tuesday- inspiration/reality




The chambray shirt was one of my wants for fall. My ideal version would not have pockets at the boobs (they don’t need any extra detailing on them, ha!) but for $16 this was an acceptable version.

Chambray shirt- Old Navy $16
Skirt- Eddie Bauer resale $3.50
Necklace- $2
Loafers- Jones New York 6pm.com $30 (?)

2 ways Wednesday

So I chose a simple black dress today and after trying on a jacket/sweater combos I settled in plain black. Completely acceptable if a little funereal – jazzed up with my leopard flats (with insoles) and a nice necklace.
What I really wanted though was a denim jacket- behold, $30 from Old Navy:

I like the vibe this outfit has much better- (I stayed in the black sweater- someone might have noticed the change over lunch 😉 )

Not a fashion victim


I’ve been having trouble with my left heel- I’m afraid it’s plantar faciiatis. I’ve always been interested in Danskos and in the interest of no more foot pain I bought this pair – the “Prima” which is about as stylish as this clog-inspired shoe gets.

I also bought a pair of insoles by Superfeet that have a 60 day warranty and high praise.

I also have an appt with a podiatrist on Thursday- after 2+ months its time for some professional help.

Friday- a bit of sparkle

It’s supposed to be rainy today so jeans sounded like a good idea. And since its Friday (yay!) I paired it with this grey with tiny sequins dolman sleeved sweater. AT Loft, $9 from Clothes Mentor.

As the sweater is a loose weave, I’ve got a tank underneath and I like that it peaks out around my hips…

And I couldn’t resist wearing my black/silver sparkly flats- it IS Friday after all! 🙂

Earlier in the week, I was in a fall mood… even if the weather wasn’t cooperating with highs still in the mid-90s (I guess we’re no longer kissing 100 every day so that is something) I wore this cardigan which while not a true pumpkin, it no doubt leans toward that shade.

(and my favorite leopard flats for a bit of sauciness)


9/17/13- Decided not to be lazy

Or more accurately- felt lazy when I woke up and resisted the urge to just grab something that would echo my mood and instead grabbed an outfit from last week that I liked, knew would look good and didn’t make me think.

Of course I did waver between black and silver loafers and which necklace- but those decisions took 2min max.

And I felt better about myself because I looked good which in turn improved my attitude.

Double shot- 2 days, 1 post


I love polka-dots, this is one of my few pieces that indulge in this near-obsession. I paired it with a simple necklace- the cardigan is bold enough.

I love this new top- it has French cuffs which will be fun this winter- but for now, those sleeves get rolled! Great pants too- so many LESS wrinkles than those khaki pants from Monday.