Nutrition and fitness

I suspect a lot of this blog will be about my pursuit of getting back in to all the classic favorite clothes I already have in my closet so here’s some background about me when it comes to nutrition and fitness…

I’m familiar and comfortable with a bunch of different methods of calorie burning. In the past I have done weight training with cardio, then got heavy into running (slow as a turtle) and have completed lots of half-marathons and two full marathons. I then transitioned into gym classes and really enjoyed cardio dancing type classes such as Zumba and Cardio Hip-Hop classes. Those burnt as much/more as running and so much more fun. However, the gym I went to wasn’t really close + the classes always started at like 730. It translated into about 1-3/4hrs away from home for each 1hr class and that eventually got to be too much. By the end of 2011 I was getting burnt out and eventually stopped going to the gym. So I’ve not been exercising for a good 1.5years. Since April I’ve been running again but I knew cardio wasn’t enough- especially getting older, building/keeping muscle is critical so I needed to get back to lifting weights. I’ve hired a trainer for a two month commitment to get me back into a routine, get re-energized and get some accountability.

Let me just say this (even as I struggle with my weight)… you can’t out-train a bad diet. Meaning if you eat too much, no amount of working out/running will get you to lose weight. So I’m also tracking my food intake by using Awesome free site. I was at 1200 calories for three weeks and exercising pretty regularly (say 10miles a week running) and was seeing no loss. I cut myself down to 1000 calories and then ate back whatever calories I burned and even after two+ weeks of that had only lost like a pound. So I am now using a program called ‘in place of a road map’ (google it to find the board on that says we are basically starving ourselves on many ‘diet’ plans- especially if we are physically active- and slowing down our metabolism. So while it’s scary for me to up my calories and eat more, I’m going to try that since cutting my calories lower and lower certainly wasn’t working for me. So while I’ve upped my calories to around the 1600 mark, I’m also going to make a concerted effort to make sure those extra calories are not used up with junk food. Now, don’t get me wrong- I have a heck of a sweet tooth, especially when it’s ice cream, but I’m going to LIMIT my consumption of those high calorie/high fat goodies. I’m also attempting to MAKE my own ice cream- so at least that way I’m also not eating a bunch of preservatives and stuff I can’t pronounce. I’ve also cut back my diet drink consumption to maybe 1 soda a week. The rest of the time I drink either water or as a treat flavored, carbonated water (not sweetened) like La Croix.

Why not just go back to Weight Watchers since it’s worked before? I’ve had trouble adjusting to their new method of points that they introduced a few years ago and to be honest, I just don’t have the ‘mojo’ right now/the confidence that the program is going to work for me. WW is a challenge especially if you are heavily into exercise and if you are working out 5+ hours a week that qualifies. I remember as I was approaching goal and doing 5-7hrs of fitness per week it was like freaking pulling teeth to lose those last 5-7lbs. There has to be an easier way. Right? I hope?


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