This was in response to my thoughts yesterday of pulling on jeans and a polo- instead it’s jeans, a nice tee, a good necklace and a blazer.

This is not my favorite look, but it looks entirely decent and certainly much better/professional than jeans and a polo for really no extra effort.


8/13/13 Ode to the Blazer

Here is the inspiration look:
Striped tee-Blazer
And my take on it:
I know it still hot. But really. The difference a blazer makes is amazing- and the zhushing of the sleeves (which is STILL a total PITA) really puts the blazer into modern vs. stuffy territory. I think that is one of the reasons I didn’t wear blazers more is that they felt stuffy and even close to dowdy. But I don’t feel dowdy in this at all. Can I also say how I hate the term blazer? It sounds so 70s lounge lizard to me. But calling it a jacket could be confusing. So blazer (said with wrinkled upper lip) it is.

This is definitely becoming one of my favorite outfits. Love wearing a tee with the blazer- and of course any way to make jeans office appropriate is a good thing. I do like the jeans in the inspiration better than the ones I’m wearing- but those aren’t office appropriate for me so…


Today’s inspiration
130808 inspiration
Fashion Reality

Thoughts on today’s look. Not bad. Zhushing of the sleeves while totally worth it is also a PITA. (Pain In The Ass) So I played with zhushing vs. rolling the sleeves to show my white shirt underneath. Rolling won- I don’t know that it looks better, but no pushing my sleeves up constantly throughout the day. Yes, I can be a wee bit lazy.

I obviously don’t have super cute, color-coordinated flats like the inspiration shows and while I am wearing a bold necklace, the MUCH bolder one on the inspiration outfit is definitely better. Maybe next time I will wear my multi-strand turquoise necklace instead- see if that ‘pops’ more.



Definitely like this look- new black blazer, new gray slacks, and white tee and black loafers from my closet. The thing I dwelled on this morning was the jewelry. I decided to wear my chunky, heavy new black/white necklace and earrings… but I wasn’t sure it worked. I’m still not sure, but I’ve already received one compliment on the necklace itself so I’m going to just believe it’s the right look.

130805 necklace

8/1/13 and still hot


The weather not me… although I know I can be ‘hot’, but that’s not really the focus of this blog, k?

So there’s no end in sight to this heat wave. Although considering it’s South Texas, it’s not really a heat wave, it’s just August. September first is often the magic moment when the 100 degree days get turned off. We might inch up there 1-2x more but it’s definitely on the downward slope to cooler weather.

That’s 31 days away. I can’t NOT wear a jacket for 31 days when it really does so much for a look.

So I’m in a jacket today. I have a class tonight- and I reserve every right to take the jacket off in the class. One thing I noticed was the amazing boost that ‘zhushing’ your sleeves does for the look. Seriously! compare those two pictures- the one with the sleeves pushed up (that’s zhushing in my vocabulary) looks so much better- wow!


Oh- and I thought it would be fun to note that the whole outfit cost me $32 including the shoes AND necklace! The only piece from my existing wardrobe is the white tee- it was like $6 from Clothes Mentor a month or two ago; I hope everyone has at least one basic white tee that is work appropriate in their closet. The color is a little off on the pants- they are a true khaki and the jakcet is sort of a taupe. Black pants might have looked better, but my new ones need to be hemmed.

July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

I love this casual look from my Pinterest files and felt it was just right for a Monday. I think it looks good- a coworker complimented me even this morning. I wish I could get my jacket sleeves to stay rolled up though- and I’d choose a different necklace, something metallic probably.