Heaven in a bowl x 2

So the family has a recipe that we dearly love. “Dragon Noodles”

Super easy recipe (my version is slightly different from the pinterest one, both delicious):
4oz cooked lomein noodles (any wide, flat noodle works)
8oz cooked lean chicken or pork (bite size pieces)
1tbs butter
2 eggs
1/4tsp crushed red pepper flakes
1tbs each: siracha, soy sauce, brown sugar

scramble the eggs in the butter till they are in very fine pieces, toss in the red pepper flakes
mix the siracha, soy sauce and brown sugar together, add to the noodles, throw the meat and the eggs and stir to coat everything in the delicious sauce
toss cilantro on top
serves 2

The kids don’t like as much hot as my husband and I do so I call theirs ‘baby dragon noodles’

Literally 15min from start to finish

I love it because it’s fast and easy. And delicious. And spicy. I do not love it because it can get pretty high in calories, pretty quickly with all those delicious NOODLES. Like 550 calories once I add in some sort of additional protein like lean chicken or pork. So I had the brilliant idea of using those ‘shirataki’ noodles instead- the ones that are like 40 calories of a nice big pile of noodles? Yeah, those. WOW! I used a whole package of the shirataki noodles, maybe 1/4 of my usual amount of soba/lo mein type noodles and dang, it was GOOD! Knocked the calories down by over 200 per serving.

My second bowl of heaven tonight was my lower fat pumpkin ice cream.


1c pureed pumpkin
2.5c whole milk
.5c half & half
1tsp pumpkin pie spice
1tsp vanilla
1/2c brown sugar (to taste)

Mix it all up and freeze it in your ice cream maker.That’s 5 generous servings at 191c and 7g of fat per serving. Next time I’ll probably go back to just all whole milk instead. That will reduce the fat to 4g per serving and the calories down to like 170.


Breakfast of champions

Have I mentioned it’s hot in Texas? What to do when you want to eat healthy, you like oatmeal, but even the thought of a steaming bowl of goodness makes you perspire? Refrigerator Oatmeal!

This is super healthy with good omega3 fats from the chia seeds. 44 carbs 4g fat (since I used 2% milk) and 13g protein

(Man, that took forever to get the Pinterest link to work, I must have had the blond…)

Weightloss and Fitness

So far this has been a fashion-centric blog, but as I mentioned before, I am also endeavoring to make it back into my size 6 wardrobe that is waiting for me in my closet.

What am I doing to make this more that wishful thinking?

1) Tracking my food intake every day using http://www.myfitnesspal.com- awesome free program. I have altered their goals and such for me to follow the ‘in place of a road map’ program that advocates eating higher calories if you are physically active
a. Emphasis on less processed foods and smarter food choices; includes things like making my own ice cream (at least it’s only got ingredients I can pronounce) and healthier cookies as well as prepping grilled chicken and keeping salad fixings on hand so I am not drawn to the easy solutions like frozen foods
2) Exercising: working with a personal trainer 3x a week and running an additional 7-9 miles on my own
3) Weighing in each Thursday + checking measurements 1x per month