Why is this worth advertising?


I admit… I have a 13.1 and a 26.2 on the back of my car… And I’ve been awed by the ironman and 1/2 ironman stickers… And I’ve laughed at the few folks who have like every athletic distance sticker on the back if their car and THEN checked them out when I drove by- to see how fit they looked from the chest up.

But while the 0.0 is briefly humorous… To me it’s then sad. Maybe I’m taking it the wrong way- maybe these folks are simply poking fun at us ‘braggers’. Maybe they hate organized fitness. But to me (a bragger admittedly) I ask myself, are you proud to be a couch potato? Are you proudly dissing fitness and athletics?

I live in South Texas where the majority of the population is overweight… I see toddlers that waddle, kids that weigh as much as a Hollywood starlet and I hope they don’t take your 0.0 to heart.

Fitness needs to be a priority to all of us- it doesn’t mean “skinny and thin” but it means exercising and eating right (most of the time) and challenging your body to more than walking around the mall or performing 16oz curls.

Yeah, I have those mileage stickers on my car- but I hope it inspires or at least makes someone wonder… Did she run a marathon? If she can do it, maybe I can… That a hope worth advertising for.


Weightloss and Fitness

So far this has been a fashion-centric blog, but as I mentioned before, I am also endeavoring to make it back into my size 6 wardrobe that is waiting for me in my closet.

What am I doing to make this more that wishful thinking?

1) Tracking my food intake every day using http://www.myfitnesspal.com- awesome free program. I have altered their goals and such for me to follow the ‘in place of a road map’ program that advocates eating higher calories if you are physically active
a. Emphasis on less processed foods and smarter food choices; includes things like making my own ice cream (at least it’s only got ingredients I can pronounce) and healthier cookies as well as prepping grilled chicken and keeping salad fixings on hand so I am not drawn to the easy solutions like frozen foods
2) Exercising: working with a personal trainer 3x a week and running an additional 7-9 miles on my own
3) Weighing in each Thursday + checking measurements 1x per month