8/13/13 Ode to the Blazer

Here is the inspiration look:
Striped tee-Blazer
And my take on it:
I know it still hot. But really. The difference a blazer makes is amazing- and the zhushing of the sleeves (which is STILL a total PITA) really puts the blazer into modern vs. stuffy territory. I think that is one of the reasons I didn’t wear blazers more is that they felt stuffy and even close to dowdy. But I don’t feel dowdy in this at all. Can I also say how I hate the term blazer? It sounds so 70s lounge lizard to me. But calling it a jacket could be confusing. So blazer (said with wrinkled upper lip) it is.

This is definitely becoming one of my favorite outfits. Love wearing a tee with the blazer- and of course any way to make jeans office appropriate is a good thing. I do like the jeans in the inspiration better than the ones I’m wearing- but those aren’t office appropriate for me so…


July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

I love this casual look from my Pinterest files and felt it was just right for a Monday. I think it looks good- a coworker complimented me even this morning. I wish I could get my jacket sleeves to stay rolled up though- and I’d choose a different necklace, something metallic probably.