Wednesday thoughts

photo 1
This is turning into a favorite outfit, but today I wore pants instead of jeans. I really wanted something ‘more’ as a necklace- this one isn’t quite the ‘pop’ of attention I feel is needed for the outfit, but it was the best that my limited jewelry collection offers. These were both something I’d consider- or another chunky necklace with more black/sparkly beads.
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I keep looking for similar blogs. I keep finding blogs where people repost stuff they see in magazines and outfits they (or others) have assembled on polyvore. I find blogs where the women hosting them are slender and pretty and young and how they take such nice pictures daily is a mystery. I found a blog where the lady was average size (meaning a 14, yup, that’s average nowadays) and while I was excited by that, I noticed in her pictures a number of them were slightly elongated to make her look more slender.

I’m going to keep looking. I guess that’s why I was a fan of “What Not to Wear” for so long. They took real women- who for the most part weren’t a perfect shape or super pretty etc and helped them look their best. And that’s what I want on this blog. I want to show real women, wearing nice clothes, and looking good on a daily basis. The daily part is the real challenge- it’s the rare person who can’t clean up good on special occasions, but to look good day-in/day-out is quite a feat. Not that I’ll always succeed in that endeavor either- and I’m sure an outfit I thought was good turns out not-so-good or there’s a day where I just feel like wearing jeans and a polo because I can’t muster the energy to do more.

However, having just written that, it is one of my goals to have a number of outfits that are comfortable and fashionable and as easy as jeans and a polo so I don’t have that excuse of “I just didn’t feel like putting an outfit together” because I will know that these jeans, this shirt, and that necklace make a nice look with minimal work.


8/9/13- older favorites

photo 1
I’m posed a bit weird to show that these are wide-legged/flowy pants. It’s Friday with a forecasted high of 105 so I went with older favorites out of the closet.

Since the shirt is attention getting on its own, I chose more understated jewelry. Everything I’ve got on are older pieces today. It might not be super-fashionable, but its attractive and comfortable.
photo 2

I’ve also been thinking about a few other fashion items I would like to add to my wardrobe. I keep looking at this outfit:
easy inspiration

The black pants I’m wearing today are a good substitute and then I’d need a white or cream or gray top to go with it. So I’m going to keep my eye out for a fluid yet slightly fitted top to help me recreate this look.



Definitely like this look- new black blazer, new gray slacks, and white tee and black loafers from my closet. The thing I dwelled on this morning was the jewelry. I decided to wear my chunky, heavy new black/white necklace and earrings… but I wasn’t sure it worked. I’m still not sure, but I’ve already received one compliment on the necklace itself so I’m going to just believe it’s the right look.

130805 necklace

Necklace haul!


Remember I said I needed jewelry? Well, I went to my favorite cheapy jewelry shop and this is my new collection for $21.75.Not bad!

My favorite is the longest silver necklace with the black beads evenly interspersed- it was my high ticket item at $8. The long black one next to it was $1 and so was the silver/turquoise necklace on the far left.