Tuesday- inspiration/reality

130903 inspir
Cute, right?
Different color scheme but same aim.

Nice, simple look. I was unsure of the pearls… they seem so formal, but they contrast nicely with the gingham and provide that accent that is so important.
130903 necklace
I would have loved to found a black/white or navy/white instead- but for $6, I settled easily for the khaki/white version + it gives me that monochromatic look with my pants. (which are wrinkled already, ugh!) I could have really used some cream/tan shoes for this look; I have heels that would have worked but I wanted flats for this look.


Thursday- fashion repeat

So I ponder what to do with the blog when I repeat the same outfit. I’ve seen a few blogs where the person has a different outfit for weeks in a row. I am either not that creative or don’t have that big of a wardobe. Plus I have favorite looks I turn to. After looking back at the last time I wore this top, I realize I wore a different pair black crops so here’s todays version with a pair of flowy black pants (slightly cropped) instead.

This is a very unusual top for me- colorful, unusual shape, atypical neckline but it ‘spoke’ to me and I just had to have it. I frequently get compliments when I wear it just because it stands out from my wardobe of neutrals.

Since the top is eyecatching enough, I pair it with a simple necklace.
130829 necklace
Now that I have a month of bloggin pretty much under my belt, it’s interesting to see how frequently I wear the same outfits. I wore this outfit two times this month. And I wore no outfit more than three times this month, that winning outfit was this one:
It works because I can pair the jacket/tee with pants or jeans, take off the jacket if I’m outside/it get hot, it’s versatile and it has a polished look without being stuffy. I paired it with a few different necklaces as well.

It’s Monday… again

Soft dressing. I just didn’t feel like structure/jacket/button-up today so I went for this instead.

I still adore this top. Didn’t have the right necklace IMO so I shortened one I already had- I like it with this- it could be just a big ‘bigger/chunkier’ but it will work.



This was in response to my thoughts yesterday of pulling on jeans and a polo- instead it’s jeans, a nice tee, a good necklace and a blazer.

This is not my favorite look, but it looks entirely decent and certainly much better/professional than jeans and a polo for really no extra effort.

Wednesday thoughts

photo 1
This is turning into a favorite outfit, but today I wore pants instead of jeans. I really wanted something ‘more’ as a necklace- this one isn’t quite the ‘pop’ of attention I feel is needed for the outfit, but it was the best that my limited jewelry collection offers. These were both something I’d consider- or another chunky necklace with more black/sparkly beads.
photo 4
photo 3

I keep looking for similar blogs. I keep finding blogs where people repost stuff they see in magazines and outfits they (or others) have assembled on polyvore. I find blogs where the women hosting them are slender and pretty and young and how they take such nice pictures daily is a mystery. I found a blog where the lady was average size (meaning a 14, yup, that’s average nowadays) and while I was excited by that, I noticed in her pictures a number of them were slightly elongated to make her look more slender.

I’m going to keep looking. I guess that’s why I was a fan of “What Not to Wear” for so long. They took real women- who for the most part weren’t a perfect shape or super pretty etc and helped them look their best. And that’s what I want on this blog. I want to show real women, wearing nice clothes, and looking good on a daily basis. The daily part is the real challenge- it’s the rare person who can’t clean up good on special occasions, but to look good day-in/day-out is quite a feat. Not that I’ll always succeed in that endeavor either- and I’m sure an outfit I thought was good turns out not-so-good or there’s a day where I just feel like wearing jeans and a polo because I can’t muster the energy to do more.

However, having just written that, it is one of my goals to have a number of outfits that are comfortable and fashionable and as easy as jeans and a polo so I don’t have that excuse of “I just didn’t feel like putting an outfit together” because I will know that these jeans, this shirt, and that necklace make a nice look with minimal work.

Monday- a bit late

Because it’s Tuesday now…

This was a different top- it’s a button-up, but it’s a knit. Made it dressier than a polo or tee but not as much as a starched cotton button-up. I had several people tell me how nice I looked/complimented me on the necklace. Once again, that one ‘thing’ popping out of the outfit/changing it from just an outfit to something more.

8/7/13- style wins

130807 inspiration

The inspiration for today’s look.

The real world version:


Style wins again.

I did not want to wear a button up shirt today. It seemed so confining. Too hot (high of 104 projected today). Too much for today. But I persevered and told myself try the outfit on and if I don’t like it I can take it off.

Guess what? I liked it. I REALLY liked it. My only change was the high heels- I swapped to my leopard flats. Want to know something else? The whole outfit (minus the shoes) was only $25 (belt was $10 of that!) Add the shoes and the whole outfit goes up to $50. All resale except the belt, too.
130807 necklace
I really like the necklace with this outfit too- it was $1 (which was 50% off). And the leopard flats. Sigh. I could write a sonnet to my leopard flats. I have owned a pair of leopard flats for at least 10yrs. This is my second pair. My first pair is STILL in my closet because I love them so much, but they aren’t really wearable anymore. What is it about them? I guess because they are a simple style but the print gives it a ton of personality. I love to wear them when I’m wearing an outfit of all neutrals just to give it that ‘pop’ of personality. I guess I’ve got two pops today- the necklace and the flats- but they are so far away from each other I don’t think they compete.
leopard flats
I’ve got to start keeping a lessons learned section. So far I’m thinking it looks like this
1) Wear a jacket on and make sure to zhush the sleeves for a style boost
2) Don’t be afraid of button-up shirts