Monday- back in the office


I was out on a project Thursday and doing a Habitat for Humanity build on Friday- neither event was worthy of a post.

Today I’m wearing a new blouse and I love the print (it touches on my love for polka-dots but it isn’t polka-dots)-


it has made me yearn for some dark brown pants and dark brown belt/shoes- but then I think black and brown work well together- I just need to get my new black pants hemmed! Concept!! Word to wise (or time pressed like me): don’t buy things that need to be tailored even if its a good buy- unless you can have it done right at the store (like Banana Republic)


Tuesday- on time

photo 3

Does this really count as a print? Not so much to me… it’s more like a split solid but regardless of what you call the top, it’s bold and eye-catching and no need for any fancy jewelry or anything else to draw attention.

I haven’t before today spoken of my love for polka-dots. It’s almost beyond love… an obsession… or more like a recovering addict because I recognize I have a problem with polka-dots and I restrict my ownership of them. So while I am drawn to polka-dots, I have only a few pieces in my wardrobe that reflect this deep-seated desire.

(we’ll talk about my black and white dress obsession some other day- so much so that my daughter knows to remind me of how many black and white dresses I already own when I start looking at one)

Anyway. Polka-dots. I love them. They are whimsical but classic. They are eye-catching. But they are bold and can easily overwhelm or become almost a joke – so I use them sparingly.