2 ways Wednesday

So I chose a simple black dress today and after trying on a jacket/sweater combos I settled in plain black. Completely acceptable if a little funereal – jazzed up with my leopard flats (with insoles) and a nice necklace.
What I really wanted though was a denim jacket- behold, $30 from Old Navy:

I like the vibe this outfit has much better- (I stayed in the black sweater- someone might have noticed the change over lunch 😉 )


9/17/13- Decided not to be lazy

Or more accurately- felt lazy when I woke up and resisted the urge to just grab something that would echo my mood and instead grabbed an outfit from last week that I liked, knew would look good and didn’t make me think.

Of course I did waver between black and silver loafers and which necklace- but those decisions took 2min max.

And I felt better about myself because I looked good which in turn improved my attitude.

Monday- back in the office


I was out on a project Thursday and doing a Habitat for Humanity build on Friday- neither event was worthy of a post.

Today I’m wearing a new blouse and I love the print (it touches on my love for polka-dots but it isn’t polka-dots)-


it has made me yearn for some dark brown pants and dark brown belt/shoes- but then I think black and brown work well together- I just need to get my new black pants hemmed! Concept!! Word to wise (or time pressed like me): don’t buy things that need to be tailored even if its a good buy- unless you can have it done right at the store (like Banana Republic)

Wednesday- I like it

This is sharp if I do say so myself…

This is a dolman sleeved sweater with white and then gray stripes paired with my new black pencil skirt. The sweater smoothes down over my hips (hard to see in the picture).

Love the boldness and then how it fades to a minimizing black…

Tuesday- inspiration/reality

130903 inspir
Cute, right?
Different color scheme but same aim.

Nice, simple look. I was unsure of the pearls… they seem so formal, but they contrast nicely with the gingham and provide that accent that is so important.
130903 necklace
I would have loved to found a black/white or navy/white instead- but for $6, I settled easily for the khaki/white version + it gives me that monochromatic look with my pants. (which are wrinkled already, ugh!) I could have really used some cream/tan shoes for this look; I have heels that would have worked but I wanted flats for this look.

Sunday Shopping


I did some shopping this afternoon and got some nice things from my favorite resale- I scored these seven items for just under $60 after a coupon.

I needed some new tops and ended up with three blouses, a sweater, a black pencil skirt, a necklace and a moto jacket for fall. I have to laugh at the blouses: stripes, checks and dots- I got the major geometric themes covered. The sweater is a light gray and sprinkled with sequins- it’s sparkly, but not “where’s the holiday party” sparkly- although it could easily be worn to one.

Thursday- fashion repeat

So I ponder what to do with the blog when I repeat the same outfit. I’ve seen a few blogs where the person has a different outfit for weeks in a row. I am either not that creative or don’t have that big of a wardobe. Plus I have favorite looks I turn to. After looking back at the last time I wore this top, I realize I wore a different pair black crops so here’s todays version with a pair of flowy black pants (slightly cropped) instead.

This is a very unusual top for me- colorful, unusual shape, atypical neckline but it ‘spoke’ to me and I just had to have it. I frequently get compliments when I wear it just because it stands out from my wardobe of neutrals.

Since the top is eyecatching enough, I pair it with a simple necklace.
130829 necklace
Now that I have a month of bloggin pretty much under my belt, it’s interesting to see how frequently I wear the same outfits. I wore this outfit two times this month. And I wore no outfit more than three times this month, that winning outfit was this one:
It works because I can pair the jacket/tee with pants or jeans, take off the jacket if I’m outside/it get hot, it’s versatile and it has a polished look without being stuffy. I paired it with a few different necklaces as well.