Not a fashion victim


I’ve been having trouble with my left heel- I’m afraid it’s plantar faciiatis. I’ve always been interested in Danskos and in the interest of no more foot pain I bought this pair – the “Prima” which is about as stylish as this clog-inspired shoe gets.

I also bought a pair of insoles by Superfeet that have a 60 day warranty and high praise.

I also have an appt with a podiatrist on Thursday- after 2+ months its time for some professional help.


8/7/13- style wins

130807 inspiration

The inspiration for today’s look.

The real world version:


Style wins again.

I did not want to wear a button up shirt today. It seemed so confining. Too hot (high of 104 projected today). Too much for today. But I persevered and told myself try the outfit on and if I don’t like it I can take it off.

Guess what? I liked it. I REALLY liked it. My only change was the high heels- I swapped to my leopard flats. Want to know something else? The whole outfit (minus the shoes) was only $25 (belt was $10 of that!) Add the shoes and the whole outfit goes up to $50. All resale except the belt, too.
130807 necklace
I really like the necklace with this outfit too- it was $1 (which was 50% off). And the leopard flats. Sigh. I could write a sonnet to my leopard flats. I have owned a pair of leopard flats for at least 10yrs. This is my second pair. My first pair is STILL in my closet because I love them so much, but they aren’t really wearable anymore. What is it about them? I guess because they are a simple style but the print gives it a ton of personality. I love to wear them when I’m wearing an outfit of all neutrals just to give it that ‘pop’ of personality. I guess I’ve got two pops today- the necklace and the flats- but they are so far away from each other I don’t think they compete.
leopard flats
I’ve got to start keeping a lessons learned section. So far I’m thinking it looks like this
1) Wear a jacket on and make sure to zhush the sleeves for a style boost
2) Don’t be afraid of button-up shirts