8/15/13- wrap is where it’s at


Wrap shirts, wrap dresses and so forth.

These have to the be one of the best tools in a gal’s closet, no matter your shape. Not gifted in the bust department? A wrap top will give you some detail in that area. Missing that hourglass figure? A wrap top will suggest that you’ve got curves. Top heavy? A wrap will have you covered and accentuated (if it’s cut right and the right size).

Be careful- as always you’ve got to try a wrap on. I’ve fallen in love with many a wrap only to realize once trying it on that the top had no intention of covering my god-given assets. I don’t mind occasionally having to wear a cami to keep a neckline from dipping too low- but wraps can sometimes fit me like they’re a cardigan and not a top. >sad face< Wrap dresses are particularly problematic as they have to fit your bust, your waist and your hips. But seriously, if you find one that fits you right, there aren’t too many styles that can help you this much!

I love this top from Soft Surroundings- it was a gift from my mom for Christmas- thanks Mom! As the store name implies, it’s soft, it’s comfortable and it fits me well. The soft blue-gray color is nice as well. I paired it with pinstripe pants and a pair of wedge heels.